Saturday, September 10, 2011

Chimera 1.5.4 Change Log

It's been a busy couple of weeks since I released Chimera 1.5.0. I delayed this blog post due to the updates I had to make to fix and support additional AMD cards and the Facetime issue. This revision is based on  Chameleon 2.0 Revision 1394 which is the code base for the official release of Chameleon 2.0. Since Chimera 1.4 was released the Chameleon team has included some of what I did in Chimera 1.4 to the trunk. I have also have been supplying some fixes and enhancements to the Chameleon trunk to make future updates of Chimera easier.

The main features in this release are:
  • Support for additional NVIDA and AMD video controllers
  • Inclusion or correction fo some AMD frame buffer names 
  • Facetime fix from olegpronin at insanelymac (of which I have added a new Boot key to bypass this fix if needed (thanks to Lnx2Mac for the idea.))
  • Sandy Bridge HD Graphics support based on the work valv started to support the Mobile HD 3000 controller. I've enhanced it to support mobile and desktop controllers.
Here are the specific edits for this version and as a reminder, all lines starting with a dash will be the name of the affected file starting at the branch root.

General fixes and enhancements:
 - i386/boot2/boot.h
   Added #define kSkipFTFix  "SkipFTFix" for disabling the Facetime fix code.
 - i386/libsaio/ati.c
   Enhanced some of the debug messages for ports and frame buffers.
   Added a debug message to display the number of ports the cards VBIOS is reporting.
   Changed default frame buffer for the HD 6670 and HD 6450 to Bulrushes
   Added the following additional AMD cards:
  { 0x68BF, 0x220E1458, CHIP_FAMILY_JUNIPER, "ATI Radeon HD 6750", kVervet },
        { 0x6738, 0x00D01002, CHIP_FAMILY_BARTS,    "AMD Radeon HD 6870", kDuckweed },
        { 0x6738, 0x21FA1002, CHIP_FAMILY_BARTS,    "AMD Radeon HD 6870", kDuckweed },
{ 0x6738, 0x21FA1458, CHIP_FAMILY_BARTS,    "AMD Radeon HD 6870", kDuckweed },
{ 0x6738, 0x31031682, CHIP_FAMILY_BARTS,    "AMD Radeon HD 6870", kDuckweed },
{ 0x6738, 0x31041682, CHIP_FAMILY_BARTS,    "AMD Radeon HD 6870", kDuckweed },
{ 0x6738, 0xE178174B, CHIP_FAMILY_BARTS,    "AMD Radeon HD 6870", kDuckweed },
{ 0x6738, 0x20101787, CHIP_FAMILY_BARTS,    "AMD Radeon HD 6870", kDuckweed },
{ 0x6738, 0x23051787, CHIP_FAMILY_BARTS,    "AMD Radeon HD 6870", kDuckweed },
{ 0x6739, 0x24411462, CHIP_FAMILY_BARTS,    "AMD Radeon HD 6850", kDuckweed },
{ 0x6739, 0xE177174B, CHIP_FAMILY_BARTS,    "AMD Radeon HD 6850", kDuckweed },
{ 0x6758, 0x67581002, CHIP_FAMILY_TURKS,    "AMD Radeon HD 6670", kBulrushes },
{ 0x6758, 0x22051458, CHIP_FAMILY_TURKS,   "AMD Radeon HD 6670", kBulrushes },
{ 0x6758, 0x31811682, CHIP_FAMILY_TURKS,     "AMD Radeon HD 6670", kBulrushes },
{ 0x6758, 0x31831682, CHIP_FAMILY_TURKS,     "AMD Radeon HD 6670", kBulrushes },
{ 0x6758, 0xE1941746, CHIP_FAMILY_TURKS,     "AMD Radeon HD 6670", kBulrushes },
{ 0x6779, 0x64501092, CHIP_FAMILY_CAICOS,   "AMD Radeon HD 6450", kBulrushes },
{ 0x6779, 0xE164174B, CHIP_FAMILY_CAICOS,   "AMD Radeon HD 6450", kBulrushes },
 - i386/libsaio/fake_efi.c
   Added olegpronin's Facetime fix
   Added the ability to bypass this fix at boot time using the boot key of SkipFTFix=Yes
 - i386/libsaio/gma.c
   Added valv's code for Mobile HD 3000 Graphics support
   Added support for Mobile HD 2000
   Added support for desktop HD 2000 and HD 3000
   Added specific code for HD 2000 and HD 3000
   Added a work around for desktop HD 3000's to work with unpatched kexts or DSDT edits.
 - i386/libsaio/nvidia.c
   Added the following new device ID:
  { 0x10DE1086, "GeForce GTX 570" },

Chimera Specific Changes:
 - i386/boot2/prompt.c
   Changed Chameleon to Chimera and hardcoded version information
 - i386/libsaio/fake_efi.c
   Changed FIRMWARE_VENDOR from Chameleon 2.0 to Chimera 1.5

For bug reporting, feature requests, and general feedback please use the Chimera forum

-MacMan & tonymacx86 
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