Sunday, June 6, 2010

Welcome to MacManx86: Advanced Hackintosh Tips, Tricks & Techniques

Let me introduced myself, I am known as MacMan on the tonymacx86 forum and blog. I had to use an different name for my blog, so I decided to go with MacManx86 here as an homage to 
tonymacx86. It also makes sense as this is a sister site to

On this blog I will be posting more advanced topics than what has typically been posted on So if things like DSDT, kexts, and Terminal don't scare you. Or, you want to learn more, stay tuned.


tonymacx86 said...

Right on MacMan! Homebase is established. :D

Adam said...


xSmurf said...

Grats man :)

Anonymous said...

same MacMan that used to run

MacManx86 said...


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