Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Unified Realtek Onboard Audio Solution: ALC8xxHDA

Introducing ALC8xxHDA.kext, a single combined LegacyHDA replacement for Realtek ALC888, ALC887/888b, ALC889, ALC885/889a, and ALC892 high-definition audio codecs.  In order to initiate audio, this driver must be combined with a DSDT from the DSDT Database or HDAEnabler.  For any codecs other than the native ALC885/889a, AppleHDA Rollback must also be used.  All options now available in the latest MultiBeast.

To update from an existing MultiBeast LegacyHDA + AppleHDA rollback:
  1. Delete LegacyHDA from /Extra/Extenisons
  2. Open MultiBeast
  3. Select ALC8xxHDA + AppleHDA Rollback + System Utilities
  4. Reboot
To update from an existing MultiBeast VoodooHDA:
  1. Delete VoodooHDA from System/Library/Extensions.
  2. Open MultiBeast
  3. Select ALC8xxHDA + AppleHDA Rollback + System Utilities
  4. Reboot
Realtek ALC888, ALC887/888b, ALC889, ALC885/889a support:
OUTPUTS: Analog Front Headphone/Green Line-out, Orange Line-out, Grey Line-out, Digital SPDIF-OUT
INPUTS: Analog Pink Microphone, Blue Line-in, Digital SPDIF-IN
Realtek ALC892 support:
OUTPUTS: Analog Front Headphone/Green Line-out, Digital SPDIF-OUT
INPUTS: Analog Pink Microphone, Blue Line-in, Digital SPDIF-IN
Please report your results with this new method in the forum.  Special thanks to complx for the ALC8xxHDA logo.  Enjoy!

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Chameleon said...

Happy new year & thanks!
Works okay for 889a (GA-P55M UD4 + latest DSDT), but stops the front analog (headphone) jack from working in opposite to Legacy889aHDA from Multibeast 2.x.
Do you planning to fix this?

MacManx86 said...

This will be fixed in the next release.

EvilClay said...

i have a GA-P55A-UD3 rev. 2.0 F9, the solution is working but i have a strange noise in background even when nothing is playing. This noise (its pitch) is in sync with the network adapter blinking diode in the back. This sound was not present when used voodoo 2.7.x (there vas other kind of noise).

Any ideas? BTW, thanks and good job.

Anonymous said...

Does it work with GA-P55-UD3 Rev2.0 (ALC892)? After running Multibeast and selecting ALC8xxHDA Sound stopped working. I had issues with that before too, I think I downloaded a custom VoodooHDA kext from TonyMacx86 forum somewhere to have it working...

Elventanis said...

Hi I just installed this using Multibeast 3.2 and I am seeing the following. I am running this on a P55-UD4P i7-860 chipset.

I have surround sound setup and the back speakers are no longer producing any sound. Also the sound icon on the apple desktop at the top is not available to reduce or increase the sound. It is greyed out.

OS X is 10.6.6

I installed this with options suggested without the HDAEnabler as I have the 889a on the motherboard. Any suggesstions on what I might be doing wrong. The DSDT is the one from the TonyMac website for BIOS F10. Thx

Elventanis said...

Maybe I should not have applied the AppleHDA rollback for this. if so where can I get the vanilla 10.6.6 version?

EvilClay said...

On my GA-P55A-UD3 rev. 2.0 F9 it works. The noise i complaint about was generated through USB as my Speakers are USB powered. The solution was to power the speakers from my monitor USB port. Probably any active (one that requires external power source) usb splitter will work. I used mutibeast with HDA rollback and HDA enabler. I have a DST but without the enabler it didn't detect any sound devices. all works OK now. Thank you.

ian said...

Hello guys! I've got a DP43TF running 10.6.7 right now, really solid - works  great, actually use it as a video editing studio.

But, I was disappointed when I saw this, merely because I don' think ALC888VC is supported. I really would want to have line-in, mic, etc.

If anyone has ALC888VC / DP43TF Intel board and has it working please respond to this

Anonymous said...

Hello I try to find a reason why AppleHDA is limited to Intel only and thought perhaps you would have some knowledge in this? I have alc889 and sb750 ATI chipset

CEOS said...

not working with 10.6.8 anymore

MacManx86 said...


The current version only works with 10.6.7 or earlier versions of AppleHDA as Apple has restructured it in 10.6.8. I hope to get this fixed soon.

Anonymous said...

Works great on GA-H67M-D2-B3 REV 1.0 (alc888b), but with this kext the "mute key" of my Apple Keyboard does not work... the Mute Selection Box is "grayed out" on System Prefernces Audio Panel...

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