Monday, February 27, 2012

Chimera 1.8.0 Source

The Chimera 1.8.0 source is now available for downloading. Here is the link to the commit:
    There is a standalone installer, available at For bug reporting, feature requests, and general feedback please use the Chimera forum.

    -tonymacx86 & MacMan

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    Anonymous said...

    how can i compile chimera using xcode 4.3 ? i'm getting quite much compile errors, mostly pointing to not so good coding standards techniques like missing parentheses... is there a switch to turn this checks off somewhere?

    MacManx86 said...

    I built Chimera 1.8.0 using Xcode 4.2.1 so I was unaware of this issue.

    There is a very easy fix for this. Edit Make.rules and change CC = cc to CC = gcc. That is how they fixed this in Chameleon 2.1svn,

    RastaFeri said...

    cool, thanks, that's what i needed. hopefully i'll make myself useful now :) if there is something i can help with, feel free to contact me at rasta rasta.fukka at gmail dottt com. for now my goal is to try to get the autoresolution patch/branch to work, hopefully i'll find some time to get into it

    RastaFeri said...

    well, one more thing. i succesfully compiled the source, i even ported the autoresulution code to the current chimera source (at least i suppose so, because i was able to succesfuly compile and link the changed code). but i can't make the 'boot' file from the sym folder to work when i copy it to the '/' folder... even when i compile the original chimera source code, the boot file doesn't work - after the boot0 stage my computer is rebooted. the boot0 and boot1h files work, i already checked that by writing them to the MBR of the disk and to the boot sector of my Lion partition. but not my own compiled boot file. has this ever happened to you? any advice appreciated, thx

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